Rosy Barnes

I’m an artist and writer from Edinburgh. My main subjects are the body and the urbanscapes of my home city, which I love the bones (and stones) of.

The city has been a interest of mine for some time.

My paintings attempt to chart my personal response to my home city, exploring the contrasts and chaos of the urban environment and reclaiming some of its familiar landmarks to go beyond the over-elegant or tourist view of the city to a more gutsy, expressive response.

After years painting in oils, I’ve recently been experimenting with acrylics (partly triggered by adult-onset asthma) leading to an explosion of colour – washes and splashes against thick impasto, the fluidity of brushstrokes or poured drips against viscous palette knived areas – trying to find a personal painterly language for my relationship with the city, its strange juxtapositions, familiarity and chaos.

I’ve trained at Leith School of Art, Glasgow School of Art and studied Fine Art and English Literature at Exeter University. I’m part of the Naked Aye Collective in Edinburgh – a group of artists, performers, film-makers and life-models who seek to breathe new life into the figure as a subject. Naked Aye has developed two exciting exhibitions so far – Naked Aye One and Naked Aye: Shapes that Shift Desire, plus a festival of events on the subject of the body at St Margaret’s House in Edinburgh. My work has been exhibited in Dublin, is included in private collections and is exhibited at The Union Gallery in Edinburgh.

For enquiries, contact me at: duckmocker@gmail.com.

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